Companies in the construction business are constantly exposed to some potentially risky work – work that can sometimes be life-threatening as well. In order to cover damages caused by bodily injury, property damage, or lawsuits, construction contractors opt for general liability insurance. The protection can be invaluable in helping small contractors in construction business survive an otherwise expensive setback. Here are 3 types of claims typically covered by general liability insurance for construction business - 

  • Bodily Injury Claims

Construction companies are responsible for the safety and health of their workers at sites. Employees and non employees injured at work sites can file a suit and demand compensation for medical treatment expenses. General liability insurance coverage for construction can offer you peace of mind in this case as the insurance carrier pays for the compensation and medical costs associated with the claims.

  • Property Damage Claims

Parties can file an action against your company claiming that you negligently or intentionally damaged their property. In an event like this, general liability insurance coverage can turn out to be a life-saver, and prevent you from the financial loss caused by these lawsuits. 

  • Faulty Workmanship Claims

Some General Liability policies consist of Contractors Errors and Omissions Insurance, commonly known as Professional liability coverage. Businesses need this coverage to address claims made by parties over negligent work. 

General Liability Insurance offers contractors the peace of mind that their business will have the necessary funds to continue daily operations – even when they are faced with a costly claim. Contact One West Insurance for the best possible insurance options in California at the best possible price!