No matter if you’re a single owner-operator or responsible for a fleet of commercial vehicles, you need to be concerned about more than just traffic accidents. You would have to manage all the risks linked with your transportation business. One of the major set backs for your truck transport business would be an insurance cam. If you somehow don’t get the insurance coverage from an authorized transportation insurance company, you are at the risk of getting duped.

It is estimated that the insurance frauds amount up to $80 billion dollars annually. Out of all, most of the scams take place with truck operators because of the huge size of the vehicle and the costs involved in its coverage. The most effective way of combating this issue to get a dash camera, which would set you back by just $50 but insurance scam could cost you thousands of dollars. What cannot be denied is that video is the most viable evidence you could have against a claim. For years, it has helped truck drivers. The camera helps in detecting any fradulent activity and also while proving your case if you get in an accident.

Commercial transportation insurance is important; it keeps you away from the potential risks associated with this business. But, to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of insurance scammers, it is essential to connect with a genuine transportation insurance company like One Westins. We, at One Westins, work with you to mitigate risks and costs that are connected with general liability, commercial and cargo legal liability, damage and theft, or workers’ compensation and employee benefits. With in-depth understand of the customized needs and practices of truck insurance industry, our agents work with you ensure reduced costs while we create risk-free insurance solution to help your transportation business with insurance coverage.