Every industry has its challenges. The transportation industry is no exception. Because companies in the transportation business have large fleet of vehicles running day and night they are always vulnerable to damages to their vehicles. Products and commodities that are carried on them can lead to serious losses. Especially if you are a small transportation company. To cover the risks involved, transportation companies require transportation insurance coverage. Though there is also a risk of people (third parties) getting injured or their property being damaged by your vehicles in case there is an accident. Companies in the manufacturing /production business often use their fleet of vehicles can also get transportation insurance.The insurance usually covers:

Cargo Damage - 

Most transportation coverage forms provide your business with liability coverage for the cargo you transport. Depending on the kind of services you provide, you might be handling valuable freight. When you have this coverage, you are financially protected by the transportation insurance company in the event of cargo getting damaged, stolen, or vandalized. This type of coverage is also important for more business opportunities. Most customers require transportation companies to have this insurance in place.

Physical Damage –

No matter how skilled and careful your drivers are, there is always a risk of accidental damage to the vehicles due to accidents or natural disasters. Equipment can even be stolen which can again result in a major loss. Do not forget that your vehicles are your principle assets and must be protected. Physical damage insurance provides coverage for collision and other specified perils. Wherever the road takes you and your drivers, your equipment is protected. 

Driver Injury –

When your vehicles are operating on the road delivering freight. Road accidents can lead to serious injuries to your employees. Worker’s Compensation insurance also provides financial protection to your employees in case they get injured in an accident.

Choose One West Insurance for your Transportation Insurance Needs 

If you want transportation insurance for your business, it is important that you first discuss your requirements and options with a professional. Insurance premiums vary from state to state. Also, premiums fluctuate depending on the driver’s experience, age, type of vehicle, your area of operations, cargo hauled, safety scores and several other factors. The insurance professionals at One West Insurance have expertise in business insurance.

The team at One West Insurance can assist you and advise the best options.