Farm insurance is important for farmers and ranchers as it provides them with the much-needed coverage for potential damages. There is considerable peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any “unexpected surprises”, and that your business, home, property and investments are protected in the event of a mishap. One West Insurance understands the unique needs of farmers and ranchers. That's why we have farm, vineyard and ranch Insurance plans to provide broad and flexible coverage for both your personal and business needs.

Explore Your Farm Insurance Options with One West Insurance

Coverage options offered by One West Insurance for Agriculture insurance include but are not limited to:

  • Farm Liability - Farm or ranch liability insurance coverage offers you protection against property damage and potential charges made by third party for a bodily injury arising out of an incident.
  • Farm Machinery and Equipment Coverage - This coverage protects you from financial loss or damage of your machinery and equipment caused by covered perils. The machinery includes tractors, combines, cotton pickers, planters, field equipment, hay rakers and other machinery.
  • Crop Insurance - You have two options available in crop insurance service: Crop-Hail and Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI). Crop-Hail insurance only offers coverage against hail damage whereas MPCI covers loss of crop yields from all virtually all types of natural causes including drought, excessive moisture, freeze, disease, and others.
  • Livestock Coverage - Farm animals can suffer a variety of problems. Moreover, if you breed or train livestock, there is also a potential risk of animals getting injured. Livestock coverage is designed to provide enhancements, as well as care, custody or control legal liability for livestock.
  • Umbrella Coverage - An umbrella policy provides liability protection coverage over and above the limits on your farm or ranch liability insurance policy for lawsuits and liability judgments. It also may cover attorney’s fees associated with covered incidents.

Find The Best From The Lot With One West Insurance

Considering different types of liability insurance is important as some might fit your needs better than others. A basic farm policy only provides basic coverage for premises and operations liability. Irrespective of the size of the operation, whether you raise crops or livestock, own or rent, our policies offered by insurance carriers can be expanded and tailored to help meet your unique insurance needs.

Why Choose One West Insurance

When it comes to insurance, you want someone who can provide deep insight, better service, and respect. You want a professional and experienced company that will always be there when you need them. This is what you get at One West Insurance! We sit down with you and determine the type of coverage that best fits your needs. We have included information on this site about our company and the various types of insurance we offer.

Want to learn more about the best farm or ranch liability Insurance options available? Send an inquiry to One West Insurance to get a quote.