A leading insurance broker in California – One West Insurance Services understands the risks that companies in the construction industry are regularly exposed. We offer a wide range of construction liability insurance for companies in the industry to help them guard against potential risks. As a construction company, you need to manage vital assets like manpower, equipment, and materials that are essential to your business. One West Insurance helps cover your assets in case of unexpected events such as theft, injuries, or property damage. Additional services include filing compliance with the Contractor State Licensing Board and the DMV.  

One West Insurance Services offers construction insurance options to protect you and your business from:

  • Property Damage Lawsuits - Property damage cases are one of the most common lawsuits that companies in construction business face regularly. In most cases, the plaintiff files an action against the defendant (you) claiming that the defendant negligently or intentionally damaged their property. One West Insurance can help you prevent yourself from these lawsuits.  ..read more
  • Personal Injury lawsuits - Construction companies are liable for the safety and health of their employees at sites. Injured employees can sue you and demand compensation for medical treatment costs. When an accident happens, you can benefit from having construction general liability insurance as the insurance company pays for the compensation and medical costs associated with the claims.
  • Construction Equipment Damage - Equipment insurance coverage offers broad protection for heavy-duty machines, such as graders, cranes, bulldozers, front-end loaders, and other large equipment. We can also offer insurance options to cover the big expenses that can follow a loss to equipment, such as pollutant cleanup. debris removal, renting substitute equipment, and more.
  • Damages Caused By Delay in Projects - If the contractor agreement specified an approximate time for the completion of the project you undertook, and you failed to complete the project in time, and the owner suffered damages – because of the delay – may claim compensation. Construction insurance can prevent you from these claims.

Why One West Insurance Services 

  • We simplify the otherwise confusing insurance buying process 
  • It’s fast and easy! Our online ‘quick quote’ is easy to navigate. 
  • We have comprehensive programs that are designed to industry-specific situations

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