Businesses that do not sell, marke,or manufacturing alcohol; and looking for Liquor Liability Insurance for events, One West Insurance can provide a policy that will best meet your needs. Many states in the US have laws pertaining to damages caused by intoxicated patrons or guests at an event hosted by businesses. Liquor Liability insurance for events can provide you financial coverage for protection against the consequences of these lawsuits. Contact One West Insurance for quotes on:

Host Liquor Liability Insurance

Host Liquor Liability insurance is optional coverage available with General Liability insurance that protects businesses holding events—against bodily injury or property damage lawsuits—brought by parties claiming that their injuries arose from the actions of an intoxicated event guest at their event. The damages are covered under host special event Liquor Liability insurance only if there is no money transfer in exchange for alcohol or package items that include alcohol. If there is any monetary transaction and alcohol is served, the coverage does not apply.

Who should buy Host Liquor Liability Insurance

Host liquor liability insurance can offer protection to a wide variety of businesses that allow for alcoholic beverages but do not sell or market them, for instance-

    • A firm that serves wine and beer and during company picnics
    • A company that allows workers to bring in alcohol to share on Fridays
    • A restaurant that doesn't sell alcohol, but allows patrons to bring their own

Liquor Liability Insurance 

Liquor Liability Insurance provides coverage to businesses that are in the business of selling, marketing or manufacturing alcoholic beverages—against bodily injury or property damage lawsuits—brought by parties claiming that their injuries arose from the actions of an intoxicated customer or employee. It also provides coverage to businesses if they accidentally violate any statute or regulation relating to the sale, gifting, distribution or use of alcoholic beverages.

Who should buy Liquor Liability Insurance 

Because the chances are higher for alcohol businesses to face a lawsuit over the actions of a customer who over consumed, especially, those bound by dram shop laws. This coverage is typically excluded from Host Liquor Liability insurance. Also, because it cannot be bought with General Liability insurance policy.

Why buy Liquor Liability Insurance

A business can experience a serious financial exposure if it is sued for bodily injury or property damage over alcohol overconsumption by a third party. Liquor liability insurance can offer you financial protection and help you achieve peace of mind.

Why One West Insurance

There has always been a lot of confusion about Liquor Liability insurance. This is because liquor liability laws vary greatly by state and coverage options are sometimes very complicated. We simplify the process for you! Based on the unique requirements of your business, One West Insurance provides you with Liquor Liability Insurance that is affordable and offers you the coverage you need. Contact us to get quotes or to discuss the best insurance options.