When it comes to insurance for businesses, “one-size-fits-all” solutions simply don’t work. For the best coverage, you want an insurance policy that’s just right, based on your needs. Businesses working in the trucking industry are more concerned about the safety of their employees (independent contractors) than most other businesses. Because of the nature of the business, truck operators are at a higher risk of getting hurt on the job, which means higher chances of injury claims. If you don’t have an insurance policy in place to cover these damages, the results can be catastrophic, and may even lead to complete shut down if you are a newly set up business! One West Insurance, through occupational accident insurance for truckers, offers you protection against these kinds of exposures.

Pay Less for Insurance Benefits than Workers’ Compensation & Save Big on Premiums

Occupational Accident Insurance is not a state-regulated insurance program. Transportation Carriers have the option to choose their coverage and deductibles. Occupational Accident Insurance premiums typically cost much less than (nearly 50%) than Workers’ Comp. Even though Workers’ Compensation is obligatory for every organization in every state (with a few exceptions), independent contractors are not eligible for such benefits. Business owners can save big on premiums by opting for Occupational Accident insurance for truckers—while still offering similar benefits to their employees as offered by Workers’ Compensation.

Benefits offered under Occupational Accident Insurance for Truckers

Occupational Accidental Insurance is not mandatory by law. It is not Workers’ Compensation. It is a combination of many different insurance policies, thus offering increased protection. Benefits offered under Occupational Accidental Insurance may include but not limited to:

  • Accident medical expense
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Accidental dismemberment
  • Temporary total disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Chiropractic benefit

Occupational Accident Insurance can help Improve Independent Contractors Retention

Even though Occupational Accident insurance for truckers offers great protection for possible damages, it is unfortunate that a lot of companies working with independent contractors still don’t have this coverage. Not only does this refrains them from covering losses caused by accidents, but it also leaves a negative impression on independents as they feel insecure. When you have Occupational Accident Insurance for Independent Contractors, your drivers don’t have to worry about the risks and harmful side-effects that would otherwise cause their pocket to be overburdened by dealing with the injuries, disease or mishaps occurred on the job. They achieve peace of mind knowing that bills and other costs would be addressed with Occupational Accidental Insurance for the trucker. As a carrier working with independent contractors, this can help you improve driver retention.

Why One West Insurance for Occupational Accident Insurance Coverage

Trucking business owners can choose an occupational accident policy suited to their needs and budget. You can work with a professional to get quotes on the best trucker's occupational accident insurance options available to you. This is where we come in! One West Insurance, as your most reliable insurance advisor, assists you to get the best insurance coverage for your business—and at the best price—to help you protect yourself from financial damages caused by unexpected lawsuits and claims. We aim to provide our clients with the best insurance products, including Occupational Accident Insurance Coverage, and service in the market.

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