One West Insurance for the best Premises and Operations Liability Coverage

The Need for Premises and Operations Liability Insurance

A part of Commercial General Liability insurance, Premises and Operations Liability insurance offers you coverage—particularly against bodily injury (bodily injury does not necessarily mean physical harm, it may also include mental injuries and emotional distress) and property damage claims—for damages caused to a third party resulting from negligence associated with owning property and day-to-day operations. In case of an accident, the insurance provider pays—for the liability limit that you have in your policy—as well as the fees that you are required to pay to your attorney and for court proceedings. However the more the coverage, the better the protection; you always have a choice of how much premises liability coverage you want when you take the policy. One West Insurance helps you figure out how much is right for you, so you stay protected in case of a lawsuit and do not have to pay for out of pocket expenses.

Possible Consequences of NOT having Premises and Operations Liability Insurance

Although Premises and Operations Liability insurance is significant some businesses see it as more of an additional expense than financial security. They either don’t have enough Premises and Operations Liability insurance coverage or simply don’t have this insurance. This can mean a possible shut down, especially for small or newly setup businesses! Imagine, an accident that takes place at your premises or a facility and a person gets seriously injured. You are going to be held responsible for the resulting injuries. If you don’t have the insurance, you will have to pay for the damage caused “out of pocket”, which can be devastating for a small business. In such an event, Premises and Operations Liability Insurance can turn out to be a “life-saver” This is why having a good insurance policy with adequate coverage is crucial to stay protected in case you are held liable for an accident. One West Insurance simplifies the process for you!

One West Insurance is Your Insurance Advisor—Get Quotes Based on Your Needs.

Knowing what kind of and how much insurance you need as a small business owner can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, having an insurance advisor by your side can help you find the appropriate insurance policy. If you are seeking the best Premises and Operations Liability insurance options available to you, look no further! One West Insurance, as your insurance professional, will help you determine what’s right for you—based on your needs. Get quotes from us!

Why Choose One West Insurance

When it comes to securing an insurance policy, you want someone to guide you through the process who has the expertise and knowledge. Someone who can understand your needs and provide deep insight, better service and respect. This is exactly what you get at One West Insurance! We are your #1 source of General Liability insurance for your business! We are a professional and experienced insurance agency that will always be there when you need us. General Liability insurance provides premises and operation coverage specific to the standard industrial code and classifications. Our experts sit down with you, discuss your available options, and help you determine the type of coverage that best fits your needs.

One West Insurance, with its impeccable service, is assisting businesses in different industries to get the right insurance coverage to protect themselves from financial damages caused by unexpected lawsuits and claims. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the best possible insurance coverage based on their individual requirements. Check our website to know more about the various types of insurance we offer.