Source the best special event liability insurance coverage. Stay protected against bodily injury or property damage claims made by third parties.

If you sponsor events like conferences, receptions, or festivals, event insurance is of utmost importance to your business. General Liability insurance for events can provide you financial protection against claims made by a third party on grounds of bodily injury or property damage during an event. When you don’t have events liability insurance coverage, expenses for such claims are paid out of your pocket. General Liability insurance from One West Insurance can help you settle claims for such damages.

Accidents can take place at any time during events! Are you prepared?

Accidents can’t be predicted. They can occur at almost any type of event. For example, a guest might slip and broke his arm, an employee of yours can accidentally damage the venue owner’s property, a fight can break out between attendees causing injuries to innocent bystanders, or the stage could collapse causing bodily injuries to live performers. Any of these accidents could result in a claim against your company. Are you prepared? Though accidents can’t be completely avoided, the financial damage caused by them can be minimized with event insurance policy from One West Insurance. We, as your insurance specialist, help you get the best liability insurance coverage for your business for even protection.

Lack of event insurance coverage can seriously hamper your business

Claims made for bodily injury or physical damage can cost you thousands of dollars. Legal fees you will be required to pay to an attorney for legal proceedings if you will challenge a claim. Other businesses or venue owners might not want to collaborate with you if you do not have event insurance coverage. If your general liability insurance does not provide coverage for events, you can add it to your current policy or buy it separately from a highly rated insurance carrier through One West Insurance.

Don’t decide in haste! One West Insurance helps you figure out what’s right for you!

Though general liability insurance coverage for events is important, you should never choose a plan for your business in haste. Before you come to any conclusion make sure you have done enough research and compare plans offered by different insurance carriers. One West Insurance can provide you with the much-needed guidance. We can help you make an informed decision. Get quotes from us today or discuss your insurance options with our knowledge staff.